MATHIOS REFRACTORIES group of companies was established in 1890 and with tradition of 120 years in the industries of Refractories, acid resistant and building materials, is today among the biggest producing trading and construction companies in Greece.

MATHIOS REFRACTORIES started operating as a company specializing in refractory and acid resistant building for the biggest Greek industrial companies. The extremely experienced Technical/construction department ex K.MATHIOS SA which in 2004 was merged with MATHIOS REFRACTORIES S.A., has built the biggest projects in the area of Refractory and acid resistant linings not only in Greece but abroad as well (Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Israel, S.Arabia, Bulgaria, Germany). What makes her different is the comparative advantage in successfully offering turn key projects of supply and installation of materials.

The wide variety of MATHIOS REFRACTORY products are produced in the privately owned establishments the factory in Ritsona (ex IDEAL REFRACTORIES S.A.). The production includes all qualities of Aluminum silicate concretes ( casting gunning low and ultra low cement content self leveling) fire bricks (from 25% to 90% Al2O3 ) and refractory prefabricated shapes exfoliated vermiculite and insulating refractory masses.

The production capacity of the factory is 11.000T masses, 1700T insulating masses 1600T refractory bricks, 500T prefabricated forms, 900T exfoliated vermiculite and 3500T fire bricks. The main areas of product application are Steel, Aluminum, lime industries, power plants, refineries, incinerators, glass furnaces etc.
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