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Dense Castables
Specialized mixes of Refractories, refractory aggregates of a high and specified quality, refractory cement and chemical additives.
These products are applied by casting on site. MATHIOS REFRACTORIES S.A. offers a great variety of Dense castables mainly: : MAT GR, MAT 42-C, MAT 42, MAT 45, MAT 45-TS, MAT 50, MAT 50-S, MAT 60, MAT 60F, MAT 60 TC, MAT 70, MAT 80-TS, MAT 80, MAT 80-S, MAT 90, MAT 95-F and MAT 96-S. They are widely used in Steel, aluminum, cement, ceramic, lime, refining industries and others. Very important is the use of Dense castables for the production/casting of Prefabricated Refractory Shapes, which can be delivered ready and preheated.
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